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 Chapter 1 Part 2

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PostSubject: Chapter 1 Part 2   2009-07-26, 12:14

*Ryan & Zach both draw their opening hands and their LP counters are set to 4000.

Zach: I’ll make the first move. (looking at his hand) ok. First I think I’ll activate the spell card, Ancient Rules! [Ancient Rules - Special Summon 1 Level 5 or higher Normal Monster from your hand.] With this I now summon, the Red-Eyes Black Dragon in attack mode!

*the field glows black, and Red-Eyes flies out of the glow and roars.

Ryan: Check it out Raz. A Red-Eyes! Good thing it can’t strike me yet cause he went first right?

Zach: i dont know who you keep talking too, but actually you’re wrong. Cause I play another Spell Card, Inferno Fire Blast! [Inferno Fire Blast - Select 1 face-up "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" on your side of the field to activate this card. Inflict damage to your opponent's Life Points equal to the original ATK of the selected "Red-Eyes B. Dragon". "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" cannot attack during the turn you use this card.] Now my Red-Eyes does damage to you equal to his original attack points! Get him Red-Eyes!

*Red-Eyes flies up, and launches his attack.
Ryan’s LP drop to 1600.

Ryan: wow. That’s hot ahaa.

Zach: and the worst is ahead. Now I trade in my Red-Eyes for a stronger one. Meet, the Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon! [Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon - 10/2400/2000This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Releasing 1 "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" on your side of the field. Increase the ATK of this card by 300 points for each Dragon-Type monster in your Graveyard.]

*a thick fire brews on the field, and the new Darkness Dragon emerges from the flames.

Ryan: I don’t like the looks of this situation. But the look of him sure is cool!

Raziel’s Voice: this is not the time to let your guard down. That dragon will get stronger.

Ryan: hmm?

Zach: now that this dragon’s out, he’ll get 300 points stronger for every dragon in my graveyard. And right now I have 1, my Red-Eyes Black Dragon. So his attack points are now 2700!

*Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon’s Attack points climb up to 2700.

Zach: Now, I’ll place 1 card face down, and let you go.

*Turn comes to Ryan.

Ryan: About time. (draws a card) Alright. I’m gonna discard 1 card from my hand to activate the spell card, Lightning Vortex! [Lightning Vortex -Discard 1 card from your hand. Destroy all face- up monsters on your opponent's side of the field.] All that hard work, is about to go down the drain! See ya Red-Eyes.

*Ryan discards Rising Blessing to the graveyard as lightning crashes down around the Darkness Dragon until it’s destroyed.

Zach: What! So easily?!?!

Ryan: I guess you’re like everyone else in my old town, full of themselves, careless, and just a bunch of talk! Now then, next I’m gonna summon this guy. Risgorgay, Rising Forest you’re on in attack mode!

Ryan: And my Risgorgay gets a power boost just like your dragon did. But this boost is 100 more points for every spell and trap card you have out. I count 1. So now he has 1300 attack points.

Zach: Gahh, go figure.

Ryan: Risgorgay, attack him directly with, Forest Swipe!

*Risgorgay leaps foreward into the air, and strikes down on Zach. Zach’s LP drops to 2700.

Zach: (yells) ughh. Lucky punk…you’ll pay for that!

Ryan: Yea, we’ll see about that. But for now I’m just gonna knock a face down and end it at that.

*turn comes to Zach.

Zach. Time for payback. I draw! (draws a card, now has 2 cards in hand) I summon, Divine Dragon Ragnarok in attack mode! [Divine Dragon Ragnarok – 4/1500/1000]

*Ragnarok flies from the sky, and down to the field.

Zach: Now Ragnarok Dragon, attack his Risgorgay!

Ryan: yepp, completely oblivious…

*Risgorgay is destroyed as Ragnarok swoops down and attacks him. Ryans LP drop by 300.
Current LP - 1300

Ryan: not to shabby. but you seem to of forgotten about my my trap card, Rising Call!

Ryan: with this, I can now bring out another Rising monster. As long as the cards level is 4 at the highest. So I choose to bring out my Aeolus, Rising Wind.

*A fierce wind starts to blow around the playing field, and Aeolus forms from the gust and swings his sword.

Zach: Fine, do what you want I end my turn.

*Turn comes to Ryan.

Ryan: Sweet. my draw! (now holds 3 cards) I summon Animark, Rising Hope!

*A bright light shines and Animark reveals herself.

Ryan: Now I play Animark’s special ability. For every monster in your graveyard, she can give 100 attack points to any monster I choose, and I choose Animark herself.

*Animark’s attack points rise to 1000. monsters in the grave are red-eyes black dragon and red eyes darkness dragon.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1 Part 2   2009-07-26, 16:55

cool..u got creativity i tell ya that...ur story is great Very Happy rate 20/10 xD
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Obelisk Blue


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1 Part 2   2009-07-26, 17:07

woww lol 20/10, I'LL TAKE IT Very Happy

glad you like it. but im not going to post every chapter i have right now at once, it would make things too crouded, maybe i'll show 2 a day.
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Heaven's Girl


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1 Part 2   2009-07-26, 17:34

Will be in one topic, so...


"In my wildest dreams, you always play the hero. In my darkest hour of night, you rescue me, you save my life."

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1 Part 2   

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Chapter 1 Part 2
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