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 Chapter 2.

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PostSubject: Chapter 2.   2009-07-26, 14:49

Chapter 2 – The Sibling

*Chapter 2 begins early in the morning around 2:30 AM about 2 days later. Ryan is lying there sleeping when a glow appears through his bedroom window and we hear a kind of engine-humming sound. Raziel appears and tries to wake Ryan up.

Raziel: (shaking Ryan a little) Ryan, wake up. Hey c’mon get up Ry.

Ryan: (mumbling in his sleep) hmm…I don’t like those 2 circles.

*The light is getting brighter and brighter and the engine louder and louder. Raziel walks over to the window and sneaks a peak outside to see a suspicious car just a few meters away. 2 of the doors open, and 2 men step outside.

Raziel: who in the world could this be.

*Raziel tries to make out their figure when she recognizes one of the 2 men. It was Zach from the duel on Ryan’s first day here. Raziel tries to wake up Ryan again.

Raziel: RYAN! GET UP!

*Nothings working. Finally, Raziel decides to go to the kitchen and grab 2 frying pans. She brings them back to the room and smashes them together, creating a very loud noise.

Raziel: (while smashing the pans together) Ryan!

Ryan: (scared half to death) Whaaaa?! Holy Guak Raziel! Why didn’t you just try shaking me or something?

Raziel: (pause) I did…

Ryan: ohh. Well PLEASE, don’t ever wake me up like THAT again huh?

Raziel: alright, next time I’ll just hit youu with the pan instead…

Ryan: humph. Very funny Raz.

Raziel: oh enough about this, look outside.

Ryan: (walking toward the window) is that a car?

Raziel: yea but more importantly, see those 2 guys right there?

Ryan: yea why?

Raziel: haven’t you seen one of them before.

*Ryan examines the 2 guys, in the most non-creepy way, and realizes that he’s looking at Zach.

Ryan: whoa. Isn’t that Zach?

Raziel: bingo.

Ryan: well what are they doing here? And so early…

Raziel: I don’t know but it’s probly not good.

Ryan: well I’m going to find out.

*Ryan grabs his deck and heads to the back door of his house. The scene now takes us to Zach and the other man, walking up to Ryan’s bedroom window.

Zach: ok. According to what we dug up, this should be his house. And this window should be his bedroom window.

Man #2: well then what are you waiting for? Bust it open!

Zach: wait, if it is his house, then that means his grandpa lives here too. And I’ve heard that his grandpa is some crazy psycho who goes berserk when you-

Man #2: (cutting him off) oh will you just open this window already! That story’s not true you ridiculous buffoon.

Zach: well it could be. And you know brother; I’m sick of you calling me names like that so just shut your mouth alright?

*Scene takes us back to Ryan and Raziel on an adjacent side of the house. They are listening to the conversation. Man becomes Zach’s brother from here on out.

Ryan: did he say…brother?

Raziel: uh-oh…do you think he wants his brother to get even or something?

Ryan: like getting back at me for dueling Zach and winning? Haha whatevs, as long as there’s a duel involved. I’m going out there.

Raziel: what? Wait hold on! We don’t even have…

*Ryan’s already running towards the 2 brothers before Raziel can finish.

Raziel: (continuing) …a game plan. (sighs) and you’re gone…

*Ryan notices that they are trying to break into his room. He runs up to them.

Ryan: (still running) hey! What do you think you’re doing?

Zach and his brother: (together) huh?

Ryan: (still running) yea I’m talking to you 2 clowns.

Zach’s brother: Clowns?

*Ryan jumps up in the air and slams Zach right in the face with his foot causing him to fall to the ground. Ryan lands on the ground and jumps back up in the air to land a fist right in the face of Zach’s brother before he can do anything about it.

Raziel: Ryan, control yourself!

Ryan: what is it you 2 are looking for?

Zach: (struggling to get up) we were looking for you.

Ryan: (putting his foot on Zach’s back to prevent him from getting up) and why’s that?

Zach’s Brother: because I wanted to duel you. You defeated my brother in a duel, disgracing our name. that’s why I want to duel you.

Ryan: well then why didn’t you say so. Lets do this.

*Ryan and Zach’s brother take out their duel disks, toss their decks in them, draw their opening hands, they’re Life Points are set, and the duel begins.

To be continued…
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Heaven's Girl
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 2.   2009-07-26, 17:33

Will be in one topic, so...


"In my wildest dreams, you always play the hero. In my darkest hour of night, you rescue me, you save my life."

私の狂乱した夢で、あなたは常にヒーローでプレーします。 私の夜の最も暗い時間で、あなたは私を救助します、あなたは私の生命を救います。

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Chapter 2.
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