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 Chapter 3.

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PostSubject: Chapter 3.   Chapter 3. Empty2009-07-26, 14:53

Chapter 3 – A Sibling part 2.

*We left off with Ryan finding out that Zach and his nameless brother were trying to find Ryan in his house by tracking him down. Ryan found out about this and let them have it. After, he finds out that Zach’s brother wants revenge on Ryan for defeating his little brother. And now, let’s see what happens.

Ryan: Ready when you are.

Zach’s Brother: I’ve been ready for about 2 days, it just took awhile to figure out where you live.

Ryan: Right…that’s not creepy or anything.

Zach’s Brother: Enough! I’m gonna start the hurt (pause) with this!

*Zach’s Brother draws a card both players Life Points are 4000.

Zach’s Brother: I hope you’re ready. I summon Darkfire Soldier #1 in attack mode! [Darkfire Soldier #1/FIRE/4/1700/1150]

*A strong fire appears on the field, and out comes Darkfire Soldier.

Zach’s Brother: Then I’ll place this face down. Your move dude.

Ryan: (Drawing a card) Here ‘goes.

*Ryan looks at his hand and notices Raziel, Rising Dawn is in his hand.

Ryan: Ohh, hey Raz.

Zach’s Brother: Oh yea, Zach did say that you talk to yourself randomly.

Ryan: (to himself) oh boy do these brothers have a lot to learn. (to Zach’s Brother) oh, by the way I still don’t know your name. knowing your name would make this much easier.

Zach’s Brother: my name is Kenny. Plain and simple.

*Zach’s brother becomes Kenny from now on.

Ryan: alright. Anyway back to the duel. I activate the Field Spell Card, Rising Oracle.

Chapter 3. 148653
This card cannot be removed from the field if this cards owner controls at least 1 face-up "Rising" monster, except by the activation of a new Field Spell card. Each time you summon a "Rising" monster, place 1 Oracle Counter on this card. Once per turn, during your Main Phase, you can remove any number of counters from this card to special summon 1 monster from your hand, deck, or graveyard whos level is equal to or lower than the number of counters you removed by this effect. When you take battle damage from a battle involving a "Rising" monster, inflict the same amount of damage to your opponents life points (Your opponent can negate this effect by discarding 1 card in their hand to the graveyard).

*The Oracle’s Symbol appears above them in the sky, and a mixture of colors falls across the field.

Ryan: Now whenever I summon a Rising monster, an Oracle counter gets placed on this card. And by removing a certain number of counters from it I can Special Summon a Rising monster from my hand, deck, or graveyard to my field with a level equal to that of the number of counters I removed. Also, when I take Battle Damage from battles involving Rising monsters, you take the same damage I do unless you discard a card in your hand. Now that’s a mouthful.

Kenny: That’s quite a field spell you got there kid.

Ryan: you haven’t seen anything yet. Now I activate another spell card, Brain Control. [Brain Control - Pay 800 Life Points. Select 1 face-up monster on your opponent's side of the field. Take control of the selected card until the End Phase of the turn this card is activated.] with this I’ll gain control over your soldier.

*Ryan’s LP drop by 800 as Darkfire Soldier changes sides. Current LP = 3200

Ryan: Next, I Summon Jhereg, Rising Air in attack mode.
Chapter 3. 148653

*Jhereg appears before them, and an Oracle Counter gets placed on Rising Oracle.

Ryan: Now Jhereg, attack him directly.

*Jhereg flies foreword and nocks Kenny down. Kenny’s LP drop by 1400. Current LP = 2600

Ryan: and I’ll follow it up with your monster. Darkfire Soldier, attack..

*Darkfire Soldier slashes his sword at Kenny, following with a wave of fire. Kenny’s LP drop by 1700. Current LP = 900.

Kenny: you’re one annoying punk you know that?

Ryan: at least I’m on the winning side of the field. I’ll end with a face down.

*turn comes to Kenny as Darkfire Soldier returns to him.

Kenny: winning side of the field? Please. you've only had 1 turn

Ryan: yea and look what i did in just one turn...

Kenny: shut it. time for payback.

Ryan: you know, I think your brother said that same thing right before I beat him too…

Kenny: just shut up kid. I draw (draws a card. Now holding 5 cards) I summon Invasion of Flames in attack mode. [Invasion of Flames/FIRE/Pyro/3/1300/1200/ When this card is Normal Summoned successfully, no Trap Cards can be activated.] Now that you can’t play traps, I’ll attack with my soldier.

*Darkfire Soldier lunges toward Jhereg. Jhereg is destroyed. Ryan’s LP drop by 300. Kenny Discards Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective to negate his damage. Ryan LP = 2900

Ryan: I may not be able to play traps, but Jhereg’s special ability is another story. Now I can bring out a level 4 or lower Rising monster from my deck and I summon Poseidon, Rising Water in attack mode.
Chapter 3. 148653

*A flow of water occurs, and Poseidon Rising from the water. An Oracle Counter is placed on Rising Oracle. Current counters = 2

Kenny: (disappointed) fine. I place this face down and end my turn.

*Ryan’s LP = 2900
Kenny’s LP = 900
Turn comes to Ryan

Ryan: ok. Time for the last turn. (draws a card now holding 3 cards)

Zach: hmmm?

Ryan: First I activate my face down card Rising Elements to add Bermuda, Rising Torrent from my deck to my hand.
Chapter 3. 148653

Kenny: so it wasn't even a trap anyway?

Ryan: nope, and next I activate the Spell card Heavy Storm and destroy both your face downs. And since there is a Rising monster on my field, my Rising Oracle is safe. [Heavy Storm - Destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the field.].

*Mirror Force and Backfire are sent to the graveyard.

Ryan: now I play my Lightning Vortex to destroy all your monsters by discarding Bermuda from my hand. [Lightning Vortex - Discard 1 card from your hand. Destroy all face-up monsters on your opponent's side of the field.]

*Lightning crashes around the field while destroying both of Kenny’s monsters.

Kenny: this can’t be happening! he just wiped out my entire field in one turn.

Ryan: oh it’s happening alright. Now I summon Raziel, Rising Dawn from my hand!
Chapter 3. 148653f

*Raziel shines bright as she appears on the field and an Oracle counter is placed on Rising Oracle. Current counters = 3.

Ryan: I activate Raziel’s special ability. By removing a monster in my opponent’s graveyard from play, I can give her all of that monsters attack points on top of her own. So I remove Darkfire Soldier in your graveyard from play to give Raziel 1700 more attack points.

*Raziel spreads her wings. They start to shine and glisten a red-like color as her attack points climb up to 2200.

Ryan: alright Raz lets finish this. Attack him directly with, Trident Slash!

*Raziel lifts her arms up and her 2 swords materialize in her hands. She swipes down in Kenny’s direction as 2 crescent waves slice out of the swing of her swords. Kenny’s LP drop by 2200. Current LP = 0

Ryan: (grinning) and that’s all.

*The holograms fade but we can still see the spirit of Raziel.

Zach: see! Even you lost Kenny!

Kenny: just can it little brother. We are leaving.

Ryan: well thanks for a duel anyway. But no more looking up where people live. It’s kinda freaky.

Raziel: the thought of that may bring me nightmares.

Ryan: (laughing) I’m just glad I can go back to sleep. So goodnight Raz.

*Raziel fades away as Ryan walks back to the backdoor of his house and lets himself inside. He goes back to his room, and goes back to bed. After a few minutes, he looks up at the ceiling thinking to himself.

Ryan: you know the thought of that really would actually bring me nightmares.
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Chapter 3. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chapter 3.   Chapter 3. Empty2009-07-26, 17:34

Will be in one topic, so...


"In my wildest dreams, you always play the hero. In my darkest hour of night, you rescue me, you save my life."

私の狂乱した夢で、あなたは常にヒーローでプレーします。 私の夜の最も暗い時間で、あなたは私を救助します、あなたは私の生命を救います。

Chapter 3. Gracep
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Chapter 3.
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