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 Why did you chose your LDA name?

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Ra Yellow
Ra Yellow


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PostSubject: Re: Why did you chose your LDA name?   2009-09-08, 12:20

I chose mine because i had beat Breath of Fire 3 that day and the main character is Ryu and i was registering in a site where my username had to be at least 6 characters long so i just added 888 to it.
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Ra Yellow
Ra Yellow


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PostSubject: Re: Why did you chose your LDA name?   2009-09-11, 04:47

My name has a long history and ive been using it for up to 6 years now, maybe more. My youtube and yahoo accounts are my oldest still around accounts from those old days. Its origin is way back when I was a cocky little boy playing a yugioh game. I was playing dark duel stories for the millionth time on GBC and I was looking for a new name besides just my real name. So I start thinking of different names and stuff and I decide upon Duelingking. But that would not fit in the games name thing so I ended up putting what I could. Duelingk.

Ever since I have been using it. I originally chose to use it online because I knew it would not be taken and its better than Dragon126519846 or whatever I would have chosen back then. Anytime I need to do something that needs a username I put Duelingk. You-tube (though i accidentally made two accounts over a time period and ended up using the second account Duelingk101 more), yahoo, myspace, facebook, wow, xbox live, and so on and so on. No site has ever taken Duelingk so it has worked out very well for me. Smile

"i chose MasterGouken because... heck i am a big Street Fighter Fan.. been one for a long time... and not only that.. me and my friends were doin a RPG like...5 or 6 years back and my Name was Matsura Gouken Noriyasu... enough said.."

LOL Was it the RPG story that you and I did at the library way back when? Or before even then?
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Why did you chose your LDA name?
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