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 B-Day Sing Along

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PostSubject: B-Day Sing Along   B-Day Sing Along Empty2009-04-08, 02:51

Well, I just thought there should be something to say happy birthday to everyone's b-day that comes up. So here we shall Acknowledge the a member(s) b-day that has recently passed (try to keep it within a month). After saying "Happy B-day ___" then make a small rhyme relating to either the member's name, title, their b-day month/day, or really anything you'd like as long as it is good-natured. Since I started this topic I guess I'll have to go first (wish me luck on this one!).

Happy birthday Ace

Top-gun Ace
always wins the race
never second place
is rounding second base

Top-gun Ace
has flowers in a vase
loves to copy & paste
is rounding third base

Top-gun Ace
takes first place

Happy Birthday Ace

Now everyone gets the idea (also your rhymes do not have to be structured like this, write them however you would like, and they may be shorter or longer; just have fun with it) ^^ I noticed one other member had a Birthday this month, so I'll let someone else get that one.

~Always check the calender on the right hand side, under who's online ^_^ enjoy and happy birthday everyone
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B-Day Sing Along Empty
PostSubject: Re: B-Day Sing Along   B-Day Sing Along Empty2009-04-08, 09:05

Oh cool topic here. Coincidentally it's someone's birthday today...
April 8th, 2008
Happy Birthday to a cool friend of mine: ilodude67!

Kuriboh Dude
Getyohairyballsoffmyface dude.
*Kuriboh eats food*

ilodude says stop
Kuriboh continues to eat
ilodude says mop
Kuriboh gets under a sign that says "Stop"

More or less we wish this day
ilodude would actually come out n' play
Cuz what he does is what is cool
He uses Kuribohs for facial hair

So...on April 8th Happy Birthday to the 15 year old ilodude67 =D
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B-Day Sing Along
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