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 How to Create a Team

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PostSubject: How to Create a Team   2009-09-03, 21:38

All right. So, here is where you may start your own little teams and groups here at LDA. This section is only for requests for team creation. If you have any questions, do NOT start a new post. Just reply here or PM me.

First of all, here are the requirements to create a team:
1. Must have been in LDA for at least 30 days.
2. Must have at least 100 posts
3. Must have at least 3 people willing to join before applying
4. Must have a rank in LDA

All teams must be approved by admins.

To join a team, the only requirement is that you not be in another team already. Only ONE team at a time.

Here's the application to creating a team:
Team Name:
Team Leader:
Team Hamachi:
Private or Public:
Method of Invite:
Member #1 Willing to Join:
Member #2 Willing to Join:
Member #3 Willing to Join:
Anything special you'd like us to know:
(Private makes your team invisible to people not in team)
(Method of Invite is how you want people to be accepted to the team. You can do testing, invite-only, open to all, etc. I just need to know, so I can make an extra section for testing in your team forum if you need it)

Sign up with this code in a new topic. Paste the code in, and fill out the application. And then write anything else you think is necessary. xP

**The more posts, the longer you were here, the DC, the rank; they all
work like a credit score in a way. So you'd more likely get accepted if
your leader is high in those areas. Also, the most important slot is
the "Anything else you'd like us to know", so try getting something on

If your team gets approved, an Admin will contact you about what to do next.

**If your team doesn't get approved, you can try again another time.

Also, all rules as to joining will be created by you, the leader. You have the right to make your team invite-only, testing-required, etc. Also, you will be allowed to decide whether you want your team forum page to be public(viewable by all), or private(viewable by only members of the team).

That's all for now...

Ace - Topic split into two, try that next time xD

EDIT #1: Max capacity in a team is 8.

**: Edit #2 by Aster Phoenix

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How to Create a Team
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