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 Teams Freebie

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Aster Phoenix
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Destiny Keeper
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PostSubject: Teams Freebie   2009-09-29, 21:02

All right, guys. I notice you guys haven't been making teams, and I figure it's probably because you don't check the section, or you don't want to go through applying. Well, now here's your chance to create a team. Once you assembled a small group of at least 4 people (including you), post in the Team Application Freebie topic, to have your team automatically accepted! This is a one time deal, and it's first come first serve. Make sure you read all of the stickies and apply with the right format in the topic.

Here is a link to the teams section if you're too lazy to scroll down.

Well, that's it!

~Aster Phoenix

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Teams Freebie
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