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PostSubject: Retests!   Retests! Empty2009-10-05, 22:40

Retesting prices have raised! This is due to two reasons. The first reason is that LDA is expanding really quickly, and we now have many members, so we need to make it a bit more challenging.

The second reason sort of goes right along with the first reason: it's wayy too easy to accumulate the DC required to be retested. Currently, Slifers could retest once per week, yet they only need to get 300 DC. With the current DC system, Slifers would only need to win three duels(one and a half matches) to get a enough DC.

So, I have decided to change the retest requirements a little. Please check out the retest information in your respective dorms(unless you're an Obelisk, that is).

Aster Phoenix
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