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 Universal Duelist Society

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Mr. Universe

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PostSubject: Universal Duelist Society   Universal Duelist Society Empty2009-11-29, 19:32

Universal Duelist Society

What is the UDS?

We are a group of duelists that have united their resources, knowledge, and talents for the advancement of others. We are not an academy, school, or a fan site. We are one, we are a non-commercial site, and we are collectors, players, deck builders, artists, and writers wanting to improve duelist’s one player at a time in a friendly manner.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to teach, prepare, and exchange information freely among our players. This is done through workshops, webinars, or exchanging of information through our blogs, our forum, and chat rooms. In order to maintain this social network every member that chooses to join this community must post and respond to posts in order for information to flow smoothly and for the community to grow in size.

Our Goals for our Members

Our goal is to have all of our members educated in the TCG of Yu-Gi-Oh!™️. We educate all types of players from beginners to the most competitive players. We teach our players by examples and by exposing players to the latest Yu-Gi-Oh News. We also have UDS Deck Workshops, which include Advanced Format, Pegasus League, and Experimental areas. We have all of our students follow the golden rule, so that there is no fear of reticule for posting your deck.

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PostSubject: Re: Universal Duelist Society   Universal Duelist Society Empty2009-11-30, 09:51

Mr. Universe wrote:
(We are an Affiliate with the LDA You can find our link on the right hand side of the LDA main page. Its the image that says UDS.)

Oh, whoops. ._. You could have just PMed me about that by the way xD

Dark Magician Academy. Join now!

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PostSubject: Re: Universal Duelist Society   Universal Duelist Society Empty2009-12-04, 15:54

thunk you i will join
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Universal Duelist Society
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