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 The School of 111 Princes

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PostSubject: The School of 111 Princes   The School of 111 Princes Empty2010-02-05, 19:40

The School of 111 Princes

Kiryu111 has always been thinking of teaching people in the game of YGO, but never really found the correct way but all of a sudden he had the idea of making an online school for YGO teaching. Since ( and this isn't meant to offensive towards Academies) but Academies don't really teach their members anymore and that's precisly what Kiryu111 had in mind of doing.
From there he asked me if I liked the idea and if I wanted to help out ( hell yeah ) from there we immediatly started building the school and contacting people to be our staff ( teachers ).

The goal of the School of 111 Princes is; to teach everyone that wants to join and is willing to do as the teaching program says. The teaching ends when we think you are ready to call yourself a true expert of the game of YGO meaning there is a lot to teach everyone. Therefore we are proud to present you The School of 111 Princes: http://schoolof111princes.forummotion.com/forum.htm

At first everyone will have to earn his/her colors by taking on a serie of tests ( power and wisdom test ) which will put you in a predetermined dorm in which you follow lessons specially made for that perticulair dorm so that you ( the student ) is able to advance to the next dorm in no time at all.

I hope to see you all in The School of 111 Princes, but remember who registers will have to work hard for his/her goal.

Link to the school again: http://schoolof111princes.forummotion.com/forum.htm
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The School of 111 Princes
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