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Aster Phoenix
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PostSubject: Forum Game RULES! MUST READ!   2009-05-25, 16:59

Well, since so many people play the forum games, and half-way abuse this for post count, I'm going to place some limitations/rules on these games.

Also, new note: Please read these every few days or so, because there will be new rules every so often.

General Game Rules

1) No Double posting(Obvious Rule)
-You can't post two or more times in a row.
2) No Consecutive Exact/Similar Posts
-Your post can't be almost the same or the same as any of THREE posts right before your post.
Example: In the opposite game, one person posts "water"; the next person posts "fire"; your post after this cannot be "water" as it's within the last three.

3) Post must make sense.
-You are forbidden to right random messages
Example: In the random game(yes, even in the random game), you can't type ";oaisdjf;aksj".

Specific Game Rules

Ban Game: You must give a clear reason.
Here are some of the reasons you can't use:

1) I ban you because I feel like it.

2) I ban you because I can.

3) I ban you because I want to.

Up-Left-Down Game:
You can't take any of the guesses listed in the last three posts.
2)You may not state a username for the v. This is so that this game may differentiate from the Guess Game.

Wish and Grant Game:
1)When you grant, it must be changed.
You can't use a reason such as "Granted, but it's already bad"

Guess Game:
1) You must state a username. You cannot say "It will be a person."

Dueling Cards Game:

1) You cannot use a card that ends in a number, as there are few cards that begin with a number. (Eg. Ultimate Insect LV3)

Opposite Game:
1) You cannot use Not***** in your answer.
Example: One person says Awesome
You cannot say Not-Awesome
2) You cannot use Un***** in your answer.
Example: One person uses Cool
You cannot say Un-Cool

If you break a rule you'll:
1) Receive a warning + post deleted
2) Might receive a second warning
3) Fined DC

Well, that's all for now.

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2009

~Aster Phoenix

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Game RULES! MUST READ!   2009-05-25, 17:12

Well, better delete posts located here and lock this topic to prevent some unnecessary stuff.
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