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 Tell us about yourself

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Kimo Online
Ra Yellow
Ra Yellow


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PostSubject: Tell us about yourself   2009-07-23, 12:24

i am a 13 year older and i play basketball. I'm from egypt, btw. i don't use bad language cause it shows how disrespectful you are and i don't smoke. i'm always getting picked on (but that doesn't mean u go pick on me) for no reason. i am a bit naive, but it's what makes me funny and i've always been funny for many years. i listen to rock music and my 2 favorite bands are crush 40 and three days grace. i like reading comic books and i read sonic the hedgehog and sonic universe comics nowadays. i like spiderman, dragon ball z, sonic, harry potter, yugioh and tekken. i don't lie and i don't like to make fun of people. i know how to use photoshop though. lol!
now, tell us about you
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Obelisk Blue
Obelisk Blue


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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about yourself   2009-07-23, 13:08

Nice Topic mate .. !

Well Em Sonak as you can see .. ! Total Extrovert .. ! Get angry very often .. but Not for more than 1 Min .. ! Well I am addicted to smoking .. Trying to quit .. Buts too hard .. ! I dont usually tell these stuffs .. But None of You know me .. and cant Cause any harm ! Very Happy .. So I wont even mind telling my bitter secrets ! Lol .. Razz ! . I used to be CDM for my school soccer team .. ! I am the Leads [Now Rhythm] Guitarist of my band .. "Infernal Prodigy" [Copied it from Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy ... But now may be changing its name to DeaDnoDe ] .. Manchester United Runs through My Blood .. cant wait for EPL kick Off .. ! I read a lot of Novels and Books and **** like that .. ! Have my own Small Library .. of Reader Digest's Books .. ! Razz ! .. My favourite Authors are - John Grisham , P. Coelho , Sidney Sheldon and Erle Stanley Gardner.
I hate Harry Potter and Love All Perry Mason books ! .. Too much Chit Chat .. I guess I will end here .. !

Oh .. And I play Rakion too ... Lvl 32 BlackSmith .. ! name .. = EvilSonak .. If anyone plays that game Do challenge me some time .. ! Razz !
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Heaven's Girl
Heaven's Girl


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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about yourself   2009-07-23, 13:17

It's a good way to get to know some of the other members, remember, don't give out things that are too personal, like your full name or where you live, and don't feel pressured to give out too much info either. Wink

Well, my name in real life is Amber (no, it's not Grace XD), I'm 15, turning 16 in September, I live in America, and I'm a pretty good student but I failed my AP exam. T_T Hmm...I'm really kinda shy in real life around people I don't know, so I dun really talk to people unless you talk to me first, lol. XD But when I'm around my close friends I'm crazy. o.o

I'm a writer, as I like to write fanfics, my username is angel808 on fanfiction.net, and I haven't updated it in about 3 months, been a little lazy... >.>

I have 3 brothers, 2 older, 1 younger, and uh...it's really hard being the only girl besides my mom. xP You can see how I got into Yu-Gi-Oh! Very Happy

I don't really do sports, I'm the kind that will score in our own goal or hit someone in the head with a baseball bat, so I'm usually the one that stands on the side and does nothing, lol. XD

Dunno what else to put. XD

Oh, and yes I'm a girl. Very Happy Because some people still question that... >.>

"In my wildest dreams, you always play the hero. In my darkest hour of night, you rescue me, you save my life."

私の狂乱した夢で、あなたは常にヒーローでプレーします。 私の夜の最も暗い時間で、あなたは私を救助します、あなたは私の生命を救います。

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Kikyo Maaka
Lv1 Troll
Lv1 Troll


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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about yourself   2009-07-23, 19:29

Mar Kos wrote:
you're a gorgeous 16-year old brunette with beautiful smile and eyes and great humour, and a princess, and that you have a douchebag noob for a boyfriend Very Happy


That's totally not me, just someone's opinion on me.

Um, anyway Hmm

Firstly, I'm not Japanese in anyway ._. I only speak some of the language.

Secondly, I'm a 16 year old high school student named Meagan, who happens to be a bit of a fail ._. Or, I say so at least. I'm supposed to be going into grade 11, but fail the year, so Very Happy That proves it Razz (This is despite the fact that I'm in both a French Immersion program and take AP English O_o)

I also enjoy writing, both original stuff and fan fics, though I've been too lazy to write anything new recently XD Both my FF.Net and FictionPress pages prove that too ^^0 Only other things I like are reading, drawing and playing around/making sigs and such with Photoshop ._. *lies, she also likes anime and manga*

I kinda dislike sports, since I can't really play any Razz Well, that and everything seems to like hitting me in the face, so... >_> I don't play them. I have a tendency to walk everywhere though instead of taking a car/bus Hmm

As far as personality, I'm a bit of a shy person, though when I'm around friends I kinda just... don't shut up Razz But oh well Hmm

Also, only big reason I got into Yugi was due to having an older brother ._. So, yeah Hmm That's also my reason for getting into some other things too ^^0

Aaand... ._. Nothing else really Hmm Aside from the fact that... I'm dating a 19 year old from Greece (name above ._.) and I'm kinda lazy Razz

So, time for me to shut up before I kill people with walls of text... >.>


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Aster Phoenix
Destiny Keeper
Destiny Keeper


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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about yourself   2009-07-23, 19:36

Hm. Someone deleted my post. I could have sworn I posted here this morning. Oh well, not doing it again. xD

You can't hide from Destiny! Your Destiny has already been decided.

Keeping Track
Since 08/01/2006
Virtual and Real Life Dueling

Duels Won: 1,994
Duels Lost: 406
Duels Drawn: 21
Won In A Row: 492
Lost In A Row: 5
Tournaments Won: 9
Tournaments Placed: 21
Taught Yu-Gi-Oh To: 18(I think)
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about yourself   2009-07-23, 20:13

Nice topic there..I learned some stuff, some of it was a bit surprising thought, specilay this:

Grace wrote:
my name in real life is Amber (no, it's not Grace XD)

Ok, where should I start?

I'm an 18 years old guy, my real name is Alejandro (equivalent to Alexander) and I live in Mexico. I'm half Mexican and half French, so I was born bilingual, and after learning english at school, I became a triligual.

I have two brothers: and older one and a youguer one aka mortalx900 (and no the older one doesn't likes yugioh, so don't expect him to join here.)

I tolerate opinion and everyone, however, there's something I do not tolerate: intolerant peopole. I think there are no good or bad things in this world, only opinions, in other words, if someone likes something other peopole do not, it doesn't means he/she likes something bad, it means he/she likes something diferent.

And yes, my opinions are way diferent from most of the peopole, but I don't realy care about what peopole think about me, and I allways refuse to pretend I think like them just to be accepted, if ppl don't accept me as I am then I don't care about them.
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about yourself   2009-07-23, 20:21

Ace ez the name, duelin' is my game!
My age is private, as well as my name, even though it's something that can be found via a person you might know.

As you can see I'm a GFX Designer, been at it for less than a year I guess, built this place up on February 14th, the day of love Razz

Simply enough, on the Internet I'm a good guy, I'd take the shirt off my back to help a person, but hey, if they stab me in the back it's all different. I'm a guy from New York, and all I'm gonna tell you about my first name, is that it starts with an "A."

Simply enough, not too well on sports, though I can beat most people in arm wrestles, or races. I'm an Internet Ace, too, and I picked this name, because hey, my first name starts with an A, and Ace is simple to learn, yet catchy Very Happy

On the Internet, plenty of people can be my friend, in real life, I'm rogue-like, so yeah, unless you see me here your gonna want to avoid me, unless you ask for my intellect.

EDIT: Yeah aj, I was surprised about that Grace/Amber thing too o.o
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Slifer Red
Slifer Red


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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about yourself   2009-08-07, 00:51

Grace wrote:
It's a good way to get to know some of the other members, remember, don't give out things that are too personal, like your full name or where you live, and don't feel pressured to give out too much info either. Wink

You're right Grace, it's much comfortable to hear that from you. Some basics worth saying.

Starting off, my real name is Catherine. I'm homeschooled as an only teen. *lol* Yes, even though I'm at home mostly, I have real busy home clean-ups to do constantly (Personally, I do enjoy cleaning) which kinda makes getting hold of the computer (In my case my laptop) proves some difficulties, including connecting to the network. People ask me, "Do you enjoy being homeschooled?" I tell them 'yes' because you can flex your time to work the school subjects and have easy time to finish homework (I like taking tests and homework).
Also have a 13 year old domistic long hair cat named Duchess (Guess why), and a 5 year old American Eskimo dog named Jenna.
I do my best to record Yu-Gi-Oh! shows by VHS every Saturday mornings. So far have 11 recorded tapes.
As I mentioned in one post on "What made you start playing Yu-Gi-Oh!?"[Off-Topic] (My short version here), is after my mom had her 3rd back surgery in July of 2003 when I was 11.

Someday, I wanna publish my own anime comic book. Course the Story remains in secret. I've been inspired since I was 14.

Rarely, spend a little vacation time in a nice vacation country home with my grandparents. Peacefully quiet, fish, warm-up in a spa, and riding a jetskii (Gotta be 16 to drive it).

Moving on, I recently got my 1st degree black belt in Japanesse martial arts dojo (which is about 1 mile away from home) as the 4th girl in the history of the dojo to have my name recorded in Iwama, Japan. Trained for 6-7 years; currently now on vacation.

I fostered 12 different cats/kittens for a pet shelter called TVAR when I was 14 for 3 years. When I first started to raise one foster kitten, my cat didn't speak to me for a month! Seriously! XD

My personality: quiet and slightly shy sometimes. When I'm with friends, my mom, my grandparents, and with my grandfather's Corvette folk club members (Mostly seniors for the NCCA- Northern California Corvette Association) easier to talk to and wide awake. And when I'm dueling (Both reality and KCVDS), I start to get talktive. Like to keep stuff organized. Polite in every way, always been. I never let harmful things get to me, cuze it's how problems begin.

EDIT: I'll continue to stay with Yu-Gi-Oh!.. Because 2003, is when I started to learn and understand more about manga, and the desire to someday publish an anime story.
Among the Yu-Gi-Oh! accomplishments:
1) Won 2nd place Hobby collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! (2007 Age: 15)
2) 1st place art contest Mixed Media drawing of Atem from Duelist vol. 10 front cover. (2008: Age 16)
3) 2nd place in art contest for two more drawings: 1st one in B&W of Atem from the Duelist vol. 23 cover, 2nd one in Mixed Media of Atem the Pharaoh from the back cover of Millenium World vol. 5 (2009: Age 17).
The 3 drawings, all by hand. When I entered them, someone asked me if I made a copy from the computer when actually, I simply used the books(s) set aside close enough to copy by hand the detail; no tracing paper required: Eyes, the duel disk, chains, hand, hand details, hair, coat (Specially when it comes to the coat's shadow), the Puzzle (Carefully got it done with the detail), color (Shadows & light). Finally, the most important, in my opinion, the smile. Yes, the smile is what I top off the whole picture. Atem's smile defines what expression he shows of his determination when he duels or not, and I intend to keep the coolness (Or should I say character) about him right. Tricky to do it because his smile is so delicate, I used the smallest pigma pen I have (About a 0.1).

Of course, I have the best of fun dueling no matter what. Both reality, and virtual. Smile


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Obelisk Blue
Obelisk Blue


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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about yourself   2009-08-10, 00:48

I dunno what to say. I am a male. It seems some people refer to me as he/she, so I guess I'll go ahead and clear part of that up right now.

I'm a procrastinator when it comes to alot of stuff. Because of that, when school starts, I don't get to sleep till about 2-4 am ( I start homework around 12 >.<). Lesse, I'm goin to the 12th grade (not excited about leavin school, it's just another thing happenin yknow). I got a 5 on my AP Psych test though so high five =]. I'm one of those people that doesn't really do work, clowns around and still manages to get grades on par with the hard workin philipinos in my class (which is like 4/5 of my classes).But enough about school ! Aren't we glad to be out =P

I like stuff that makes me laugh, smash bros., my DS, parenthesis, womenz, lots of rock music (but not really that emo stuffs, some but not most), metal, black metal, punk metal, punk, ALTERNATIVE (pretty much my whole itunes library is alternativ/punk =P), and instrumentals (octopus project WOOT). I like racist jokes... I think they're pretty hilarious (I'm hispanic btw and not a racist). I also like... dare i say it... maplestory.

I got into yugimonz after watching yugioh abridged. One of my friends showed it to me, then i showed it to some others. I was like man... I wanna get a deck. All of a sudden like 3 of my friends are like I still have my deck. So yeah, I got a structure and 1st period became dueling/bleach [ds] with the occasional copying of class work (man i miss that chem class =/).

This is becoming long.
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Joshua Daylight


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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about yourself   2009-10-20, 22:18

Hey, my name is Joshua. I've been dueling going on 8 years. 19 now and going strong.

I've got a mom who hates yu-gi-oh. Whenever i left my cards out she cut em up or burned em. I've had five other main decks i put my heart and soul into that were completly destroyed.

I ended up having no cards in the end. I was in value village one day and i stumbled upon a little bag full of yu-gi-oh cards. There were a few raries like mobius and zoa in it. From their i picked up where i left off and started buying packs again. I started watching the show again and adopted my dueling style from Bakura and Raphiel. I started to build the deck because it was fun to mess around with and mostly had weak cards like headless knight. Zoa ended up being one of my signature cards and so i vowed never to take him out.

Because zoa is a fiend and so were most of my cards i ended up with a decent fiend deck that got better over time. Now my fiend deck is pro, i've had it for 8 months and i can honestly say its my best deck yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Tell us about yourself   

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Tell us about yourself
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