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 *Shuffles around room* It's a mess!

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Ra Yellow
Ra Yellow


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PostSubject: *Shuffles around room* It's a mess!   2009-09-28, 15:12

I don't know if you guys care much about the RP Style, but I would like to make my dorm thing, THIS, a RP.

A great frenzy of happiness shoots through Heroic as he reaches the door to his dorm room. He doesn't open the door, instead glancing around excitedly, checking who was around, but he was the only one. He slowly grasps the doorknob, turning it slowly. The door creaks as he enters. A thud noise sounds as he drops his suitcases to the floor, admiring the room with great glee, checking out every little detail. He picks the suitcases back up, lies one at the end of his bed on the far right corner of the room, the other on it. He opens it, reaches beside him and opens the dresser drawer, placing his necessity items in. He closes it quickly, placing his clothes and such, and places his belts and extra shoes in the last third drawer. Unworried about zipping the empty bag, he tosses it on the other suitcase at the foot of the bed. He sits down on the bed, wondering what he should do now... He could duel, go check out the rest of the building, or just relax. He ponders for a moment, honestly confused on which to pick, but quickly decides to just lie down and relax for a bit. "This place is awesome!" he whispers to himself.
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Espada 4
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PostSubject: Re: *Shuffles around room* It's a mess!   2009-09-28, 18:31

hey hi and welcome to lda have fun here, take a test and try to ba active
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*Shuffles around room* It's a mess!
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