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 Julio`s Crib

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Ra Yellow
Ra Yellow

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PostSubject: Julio`s Crib   2009-09-29, 22:17

I'm so cocky with it got my iced out clubs like rocky hit
Got your girl on my swagg she lovin them jerkin songs
Like the new ipod just touch it and turn her on
And when the bass start beatin and the waist I'm beatin
Done I got on my way I'm leavin she like where your goin I ain't got my shoes and purse
I said it's none of your concern and she yelled (your a jerk!)
So I walked out the door, called Ben J. told him it's a function he said I'm on my way
We pulled up to the party ices on my shirt and got geeked up everybody jerkin
We was jerkin to the right jerkin to the left then she popped out of nowhere she was still half dressed
She like fareal jerk you love it but it's sumthin the whole party heard her but all I could hear was

Wah wah wah wah (your a jerk)
Why you trippin I ain't even do nothin(your a jerk)
I'm a jerk you ain't neva lie
But aye do me a favor call me jerk one more time(your a jerk!)
I know
Your a jerk! (I know)
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Espada 4
Espada 4


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PostSubject: Re: Julio`s Crib   2009-09-29, 22:30

lol, welcome to ra yellow, have funn here, congrats on your rank
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Julio`s Crib
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