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 New Ra Yellow Member

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Yuri Bakura
Ra Yellow
Ra Yellow


Number of posts : 3
Age : 22
Location : Malaysia

PostSubject: New Ra Yellow Member   2009-10-21, 06:13

I am a new member !!! Just want to say hello to every Ra Yellow member. Anybody want to duel me just join this Hamachi Network

Ham - Bakura Clan
Pass - dingding

And one more thing, I will dominate Ra Yellow one day...
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Kururugi Suzaku
Ra Yellow
Ra Yellow

Number of posts : 51

DC: 120

PostSubject: Re: New Ra Yellow Member   2009-10-21, 20:43

Hello. Let me be the first to welcome you to the Ra dorm. I hope you enjoy yourself while you are here. Help make this dorm shine. Remember to duel duel duel. I'll give you my hamachi network later. Just handling welcomings first.

Also, I must say how the heck you got your sig like that is sick. I like it.
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New Ra Yellow Member
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