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 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Obelisk Blue
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PostSubject: Chapter 1 Part 3   2009-07-26, 12:15

Ryan: Now Aeolus, attack his dragon!

*Aeolus flies toward Divine Dragon Ragnarok.

Zach: not so fast there dude, I activate my trap-

Ryan: (cutting him off) Sorry, but that won’t work. You see, when Aeolus attacks, you can’t play spell or traps until he’s done.

Zach: what? That can’t be.

Ryan: oh, it be alright. Now Aeolus continue your attack, Hurricane Sword!

*Ragnarok is destroyed, and Zach LP drop 200. Current LP – 2500.

Ryan: and I’m not done. Now Aeolus’s 2nd ability activates. When he inflicts battle damage to you, a spell or trap card of my choosing is destroyed. And I choose your face down card.

Zach: great…just great.

*sakuretsu armor is sent to the graveyard.

Ryan: alright Animark, who now has 100 more attack points due to your Ragnarok’s recent destruction, your turn now. Attack him directly.

*Light shines in Animark’s hands, and she throws the light toward Zach. Zach’s LP drop another 1100. Current LP – 1400.

Zach: arrggh. You better be done.

Ryan: well yea, for the most part. I toss a face down and end my turn.

*Turn comes to Zach
Ryan’s LP – 1300
Zach’s LP - 1400

Zach. (draws a card, now holding 2 cards) I play my Ancient Rules to summon my Cyber Tech Alligator! [Cyber Tech Alligator – 5/WIND/2500/1600]

*Cyber Tech Alligator appears.

Zach: Now attack his Animark and wipe out his Life Points!

Raziel’s voice: Ryan!

Ryan: ah it’s all good Raz, watch this. I activate the trap card, Rising Storm!

*a firey pressense appears in the shape of a phoenix.

Ryan: My Rising Storm activates when you attack a Rising monster. Now I can destroy all your attack position monsters.

*the phoenix fire bursts across the field, destroying Cyber Tech Alligator.

Zach: NO!

Ryan: haha, saweeet! See I told you its all good Raziel.

Zach: Argg. I have nothing in my hand or on my field. This is over…

Ryan: im gonna guess that your silence means it’s my move now. So I draw

*Turn moves to Ryan as he draws a card.

Ryan: now Aeolus, attack and finish this!

*Aeolus leaps in the air, and swings his sword causing a fierce wind to strike towards Zach.

Zach: (yells) ahhhh NO!!

*Zachs LP drop by 1700
Current LP – 0

Ryan: (grinning) and that’s all.

*The holograms fade away.

Ryan: Hey, thanks for a sweet duel. Now I’m off to see more of the town.

*Raziel appears near Ryan.

Raziel: Ryan, you forgetting something?

Ryan: Nahh its ok Raziel. I know gramps comes back soon.

Raziel: Yea he comes back home in about 20 minutes. You were supposed to buy bread remember?

Ryan: ohhhh. That’s right…but I told you, I don’t know where the store is. That’s a pretty good excuse too, don’t ya think?

Raziel: (laughs) I can’t rely on you for much can I?

Ryan: sure you can you just have to try. It’s easy, (chuckles) I rely on myself all the time.

Raziel: hoyy, some things never change...
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1 Part 3   2009-07-26, 13:52

Awsomeness Very Happy

Pure awesomeness!!

Waiting for Chapter 2!! 10/10

Liked the idea and the customized deck Very Happy
How time take all this to be writed? :O Awesome!!

I'll be watching for a chapter 2!

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Obelisk Blue
Obelisk Blue


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1 Part 3   2009-07-26, 14:47

well, i have 17 chapters done. its probly taken me about a month and a half? but i go on vacations alot so that takes time away from it. so if you dont count the vacation it has probly been like a month.

and thanks for reading haha glad you like it. i'll go ahead and post chapter 2.
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Heaven's Girl
Heaven's Girl


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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1 Part 3   2009-07-26, 17:33

Will be in one topic, so...


"In my wildest dreams, you always play the hero. In my darkest hour of night, you rescue me, you save my life."

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1 Part 3   

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Chapter 1 Part 3
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